It's my job to dispel the myths of pregnancy massage, help you ache less, sleep great, and feel awesome. I feel it's my honor to work with women in this transitional phase, and empower them in pregnancy and motherhood.

Having children changed my life, and not just literally. Since becoming a mother, I feel a deep sense of connection with other moms, their babies, and their birth stories.


"Babies are bits of star dust... lucky is the woman who knows the pangs of birth, for she has held a star." -Larry Barretto

Hello! I'm Amy Hamilton, licensed massage therapist since 2010, and the mother of two beautiful children.

I am a prenatal and post natal massage specialist.

With my first child in 2005, it was like I won the lottery in "easiest pregnancy and birthing award"! Talk about almost no aches, no pains, no morning sickness, no PPD. It wasn't until my second baby in 2018 when I realized- you don't get hit with lightening twice!

Early on, I experienced almost EVERYTHING the book told me I would. There was a span of 4 weeks where I was looking and booking a massage all over town, trying to find someone who could help me feel better. Truth be told, after trying 10 (yes, TEN!) different prenatal therapists, I was so dissatisfied. It was frustrating. No one was understanding my aches, no one worked on the areas I needed work on, even when I clearly communicated it to them.

In March of 2018, I took a class on pre and post natal massage certification with Claire-Marie Miller, and I knew at that moment, this was my key to unlocking my passion. Now I had the tools and knowledge to help other women, because I have been on BOTH ends of it here! I know how a pregnant woman feels on her lowest days- and I know how to treat her as a therapist.

Being certified with Claire-Marie Miller means I've been extensively trained in prenatal and postpartum massage; my practice revolves almost completely around women before, during, and after the childbearing year. 

I don't just offer cookie cutter "pregnancy massage", which tiptoes around low back and hip work, foot massage, and ONLY does side-lying massage (my mamas can lie FACE DOWN on special orthopedic cushions, or be seated for their massage). 


Massage therapist/ Esthetician

NC- LMBT# 10703  

NC- E14949

special mentions:

Massage for veterans with PTSD Nov. 2015

RealEyez Microblading certified Jan. 2016

Dry Cupping certified Feb. 2018

Pre- & Post-natal Massage (Claire-Marie Miller) certified  Mar. 2018

NovaLash extension certified  Apr. 2018

Thai Massage certified June 2020

Perinatal Yoga Trained, 85 hours August 2020


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